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Product Description

WISAblock provides a safe, efficient and cost-effective rebar protection method guarding against impalement and the threat of other serious injury posed by exposed, or poorly protected steel starter bars on concrete substructures.

Under HASAWA1974 every company has to provide a duty of care to their employees and with construction site safety standards constantly under review, there is a growing requirement to improve construction site safety relating to the risk of impalement injuries. With anti-impalement now becoming mandatory on some construction sites, WISAblock offers you this cost effective solution.50% cost reduction compared to alternative anti-impalement methods

  • Tested to OSHA requirements with 114kG from 3m height (Blocks at 1.5m centres)
  • 80% reduction in application times compared to individual protective caps
  • Cost effective Solution to anti impalement – * WISAblocks cover 10 x rebar [£7.50 / 10 = £0.75]WISA Blocks have been used up to 7 times over* [£0.75 / 7 = 11p per bar]
  • Innovative clamp design fits 10mm – 32mm rebar sizes
  • Supports standard timber 4×2  allowing simple coverage of steel bars
  • Light, robust and easy to store
  • Provides a duty of care under HASAWA 1974
  • Forms a natural hand rail system
  • Protects recently poured concrete from rain damage when using installed covers
  • Assists carpenters to hang kickers
  • Constructed from high impact polymer
  • 100% fully recyclable
  • Used horizontal or vertically
  • UK manufactured
  • Short delivery times
  • Available in safety orange or yellow
  • Installation Safety Guidance   
  • Stocked across UK through our approved stockist MIERS Construction Products Ltd
  • More effective than Safety strip without metal, as actually saves you from impalement

Cost savings by using WISA Block over meter coverage 

WISAblock vs Reinforced Protection Caps (mushrooms)

Reinforced protection Cap (mushrooms) at an indicative price of £1.85/unit over 1.5m typically consisting of an average 16 starter bars - Total protection caps cost £29.60

Using WISAblock at recommended spacings of 1.5m at an indicative price of £7.50 Total WISAblock Cost £15.00

WISAblock saving per 1000m £9,733 - Mushrooms £19,733 - WisaBlock £10,000

WISAblock vs Reinforced Safety Strip

If 4.2m length was covered using a Reinforced safety strip at an indicative cost of £8 for a 900mm unit, total cost would be £40.00, Total Reinforced Safety Cost £40.00

Using WISAblock at recommended spacings of 1.5m at an indicative price of £7.50 - Total WISAblock cost £22.50

WISAblock saving per 1000m £4,166 - Safety Strips £9,523 - WISAblock £5,357

*Case studies have proven that timber is re-used fully on-site during construction providing zero waste

80% reduction in installation times using WISAblock

Based on 2 rows of timber using 6 WISAblocks covering 42 bars, completed in 40 secs based on video experiment. In comparison the protective caps takes approximately 5 seconds each to install totalling 210 seconds. A total time reduction of approximately 80%.