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Product Description

Masonry to Masonry Wall Ties  - These products act to secure two leaves of a cavity wall to each other, allowing them to act as one structurally. A cavity tie usually incorporates some mechanism, (usually a change of shape) to discourage moisture moving across the tie. Most cavity ties are available with a dedicated clip to secure insulation (usually in sheet form) within the cavity.

VST1 Heavy Duty Formed Safety Tie Multidrip feature to prevent moisture travelling across the cavity.

The design means that the tie can be installed either way up. 300mm long and 250mm long stainless steel Wall Ties supplied by Vista Engineering Limited, were tested in tension and compression over a nominal cavity width of 150mm & 125mm respectively in accordance with BS EN 846-6 Methods of Test for Ancillary Components for Masonry. Part 5; Determination of tensile and compressive load capacity and load displacement characteristics of wall ties (Couplet test).