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Product Description

  • High performance liquid membrane
  • Water, water vapour & radon barrier
  • Elastic and flexible
  • Quick & easy to apply; fast installation
  • BBA Approved

Description Visqueen Liquid Applied Compound (LAC) is an easy to apply, high performance cold applied liquid membrane which rapidly dries to form a flexible membrane. The product is manufactured from bitumens and white spirit - see material safety datasheet for health and safety advice- and is available in ready to use 5L tins. Visqueen LAC has been BBA approved covering its use for the tanking of basements and as a damp proof membrane for solid floors.

Application Visqueen Liquid Applied Compound (LAC) is typically used as a damp proof membrane to ground floors, as a vapour barrier behind cladding and for tanking of basements in accordance to BS8102 – Grades 1,2 and 3 apply. Visqueen LAC can also be used for waterproofing of foundations, retaining walls, abutments, steel columns, beams, lintels and structures where cladding is to form the outer leaf. Visqueen LAC may also be applied to the internal face of external walls above ground level to prevent the penetration of moisture. The liquid membrane can then be plastered or dry lined when dry. Visqueen LAC may also be used to provide a barrier to Radon Gas.


All surface must be clean, smooth and free from dust, or loose material. Standing water must not be present although Visqueen LAC can be applied on slightly damp surfaces . Any surface contamination e.g. oil, paint, snots, fungal growth, etc must be removed. All substrate cracks must be repaired and filled prior to product application. Application temperature should be above 5oC although the product has been proved to work at 0oC.