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Product Description

  • Perfect for detailing irregular profiles and penetrations
  • Formulated for masonry applications including blockwork
  • Multi-use liquid waterproofing membrane
  • Ideal as a fillet and reinforcement material at inside corners
  • Fast curing, elastic & flexible at extreme temperatures
  • Compliments Visqueen’s self-adhesive waterproofing membranes


Visqueen Axiom UniSeal is a two part system: the first component a bitumen-extended polyurethane fluid with a secondary part an accelerator hardener. This unique system cures rapidly to give a continuous tough rubber-like, fully bonded waterproofing coating The 2 part system is available in one 20 kilos clamped pail containing:

  • Part A - 15 kilos of bitumen-extended polyurethane liquid
  • Part B - 600 grams of the accelerator hardener

Application The product is specially formulated for waterproofing below ground structures in the following applications:

  • Fillet and reinforcement material at inside corners
  • Detailing irregular profiles and pipe penetrations such as steel stanchions
  • Waterproofing blockwork externally and internally
  • Sealing steel reinforcements
  • Sealing materials at terminations Visqueen Axiom UniSeal is used where a high performance tanking liquid waterproofing membrane is required in accordance with BS8102 – Grades 1, 2 and 3 apply. It is classified as a fully bonded Type A membrane.

System Components Visqueen Axiom UniSeal is ideally suited for use with Visqueen Self Adhesive waterproofing membranes:

  • Visqueen Self Adhesive Membrane (SAM)– a tanking or damp proof membrane for both horizontal and vertical applications
  • Visqueen Gas Resistant Self Adhesive Membrane (GR SAM) - a tanking or damp proof membrane for both horizontal and vertical applications where bulk gases exist.

Surface Preparation All surfaces should be smooth, clean, dry and free from frost, oil, grease, condensation and other contamination. UniSeal in fillet applications should be applied prior to the application of the self-adhesive membrane. Application temperature should be above 5oC although the product has been proved to work at 0oC. Gloves and suitable PPE should be worn prior to application.