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Product Description

For Joint filling and forming a brickwork and concrete slabs.


Closed cell polyethylene foam for use as a joint filler, joint forme, non-load transfer filler, grout check, Stop-end, insulant and many other applications. MIOTHENE is compressible yet semi-rigid, strong and non-absorbent. Its is produced in various densities, the most widely used is standard miothene.

Its is Light, clean and easy to use. It can be stuck to all normal building surfaces. MIOTHENE is resistant to most chemicals and oils, is non-staining and has high weathering and ozone resistance. An added advantage of MIOTHENE is that it can be supplied in long-length rolls up to 1.6mtrs wide.

Expansion Joints 

MIOTHENE used to form expansion joints in concrete slabs and brickwork. MIOTHENE remains in the joint and greatly reduces compressive stresses.

Standard density (30kg/m3) polyethylene foam expansion joint.