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Product Description

Controlled-shrinkage fibre-reinforced grout for the repair of concrete.

Use Mapegrout Thixotropic for all concrete repairs such as: reconstruction of concrete cover, repairs of corners, beams, columns and balconies damaged by rusted reinforcing rods.

Due to its high mechanical strength Mapegrout Thixotropic can be used for structural repairs.

Made from cement binders, graded aggregate, special additives and synthetic fibres, Mapegrout Thixotropic is prepared by mixing a 25 kg bag with 3.9-4.3 litres of water.

Mapegrout Thixotropic is applied by trowel, float or spray onto solid substrates, which must be free of loose particles, have a rough surface and been soaked with water beforehand.

Repairs up to 30-35 mm thick in a single coat can be made without using formwork.

Consumption: 19 kg/m2 for per cm of thickness. Packaging: 25 kg bags