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Complete Construction Products

Complete Construction Products have access to one of the largest building product ranges in the UK and can offer expert technical advice where needed.

CCP offers products ranging from Admixtures and Ancilliaries to Highway Maintenance goods.

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Kestral Construction Products

Kestral Construction Products are able to offer a wide range of well over 1000 products at very competitive rates. Kestral also have their own transport system for next day deliveries, making them one of the leading distributors in the UK.

Kestral offers a large range of products, including concrete repair and formwork products.

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Maran Atha Fasteners

Maran Atha Fasteners offer a diverse range of products for the construction industry – from Fasteners to Tools and Silicone & Sealants.

With expertise across their entire product range, Maran Atha’s professional team will be happy to help with any advice you need.

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Whiterock Construction Products

Using Heave Stopper protects your buildings against the forces of ground movement from clay. It is used under steel reinforced concrete slabs and ground beams.

Heave Stopper is the environmentally friendly, biodegradable clay void former for use under piled concrete slabs & beams.

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