Visqueen Tapes

Product Description

The visqueen portfolio incorporates a range of system tapes to ensure effective installation.

  • Visqueen PRO Single Sided Jointing Tape: A new high performance double strength tape for sealing DPMs and Radon Membranes
  • Visqueen PRO Double Sided DPM
  • Jointing Tape: A high quality tape for effective watertight bonding of DPMs and Radon Membranes
  • GX Geomembrane Bonding Tape: A high quality Hydrocarbon protection tape ensuring a gas and watertight seal
  • Gas Resistant Foil Sealing Tape:
  • A high shear strength gas foil tape for effective sealing of laps and joints
  •  Zedex DPC Jointing Tape: A high integrity double sided tape for Zedex DPC jointing and surface fixing