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Visqueen Axiom Shield LAC

February 27, 2018

Product Information ■ New liquid technology giving superior performance ■ Water vapour barrier ■ Quick & easy to apply; fast installation ■ Excellent coverage rates Description Visqueen Axiom Shield is an easy to use, high performance cold applied liquid membrane which rapidly dries to form a damp proof membrane. The product is manufactured using Visqueen’s …

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Visqueen High Bond DPC

October 26, 2016

Description Visqueen Zedex High Bond DPC is a high performance heavy duty DPC suitable for general cavity tray applications including parapet walls, beneath copings and cappings, in gas resistant DPC applications and complex detailing work at ground level. Visqueen Zedex High Bond DPC can be torch bonded to masonry units and all laps are homogenously …

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Miers DPC Range

January 14, 2016

Miers DPC Range Visqueen Zedex CPT High Performance Visqueen Zedex High Bond DPC Visqueen Zedex Housing Grade DPC Visqueen GX Hydrocarbon Damp Proof Course Visqueen Gas Resistant DPC Various Sizes Available, please ask your local Miers centre, Zedex CPT High performance DPC is a superior damp proof course with 2 x the tensile strength of …

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