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ADHESIVE WATERPROOF MEMBRANE SHEETING USES PREMSEAL 100 is a self-adhesive sheet membrane constructed from an oriented cross laminated high density polyethylene sheeting and a bitumen-polymer adhesive compound. The product is a tough, durable, self-adhesive sheet with an overall thickness of 1.5 mm. Premseal Primer DESCRIPTION AND USES PREMSEAL PRIMER is used in conjunction with Premseal …

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CEMflex VB is a waterstop consisting of a galvanised steel plate covered in a coating which reacts with alkalis to provide a watertight joint for use in all non-movement construction joints in concrete. Approvals: BBA Certificated  Drinking Water Approval Reg 31 (4) (b) Animal Manure Resistance CEMflex VB is an active waterstop that enables concrete to self-heal. When fresh concrete …

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