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The ARC Rainscreen Barrier has been designed to provide a two hour fire rating where a ventilated space is required in the construction, ideal for use behind a rainscreen cladding system. As the barrier is heated, intumescent expands to fill the air space and provide an effective fire and smoke barrier. Maintains a 25mm airspace …

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Vista TiePac

September 28, 2018

NEW TIEPAC Vista TiePac is a brand new way to package our best selling VE4 housing ties so they‘re easier to stock and sell and easier to work with on site. Each one holds 50 individual ties, putting convenience in the palm of your hand for less wasteful, more efficient brickwork and blocklaying of every …

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ARC Fire stop Strip

April 03, 2018

ARC Fire stop strip – See datasheet below for available sizes – some sizes available for next day delivery! Key Features Up to four hours fire integrity Ideal for closing voids at the top of masonry walls Suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications Excellent acoustic properties Robust Detail compliant Application ARC Fire Stop Strip …

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ARC Party Wall DPC

January 03, 2018

ARC Party Wall DPC enables the closing of an external cavity at either party wall or party floor junctions where building regulations require the use of a mineral wool closer for acoustic insulation purposes. Installation ARC Party Wall DPC is designed to be friction fitted at the party wall junction within a masonry cavity as …

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Arc Eco-Closer Plus

August 10, 2017

Fire rated cavity closer for window and door reveals. Key Features »»Up to one hour fire integrity »» Closes cavity around window and door reveals in larger cavities up to 300mm »» Prevents cold bridging »» Helps eliminate moisture, mould and staining from around windows and doors »» Insulated with foil faced noncombustible rockfibre »» …

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Vista Two part Ties

June 23, 2017

As a result of problems experienced over wider cavities (150mm to 300mm) and their weight causing long ties to overturn, the Vista two part tie allows larger cavities to be spanned, (up to BS EN 845 – 1 standard for a type 2 tie). The shorter section is built into the inner leaf as construction …

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Use Any situation where water must be discharged from an external wall, e.g: • At ground floor slab level • Within cavity tray systems • Over external lintels • Where a cavity must be ventilated • On external walls – 100mm or more in thickness – built from brick, block or stone Features and benefits …

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ARC Fire Stop Slab

January 26, 2017

Cavity fire barrier for masonry construction Key Features Up to 2 hours fire integrity Foil Faced to provide a smoke barrier Suitable for horizontal or vertical applications cut to size on site or factory finished Available to suit cavity widths up to 300mm Application ARC Fire Stop Slab provides up to two hours fire integrity …

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Click here to view product page & datasheet on Rockfibre Insulated DPC The ARC Rockfibre Insulated DPC has been developed to close off cavities around window and door openings where a fire rating is required. The closer should be fitted in conjunction with a return block, and features an integrated DPC to prevent moisture penetration. …

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Key Features Closes off cavities around window and door reveals Available in cavity widths 50 to  300mm Supplied in 2.4m lengths Prevents cold bridging Available single flange for check reveal details Insulated with ODP and GWP zero rated extruded polystyrene Description The ARC Contract-Closer is designed to close off the cavity around window and door …

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Miers DPC Range

January 14, 2016

Miers DPC Range Visqueen Zedex CPT High Performance Visqueen Zedex High Bond DPC Visqueen Zedex Housing Grade DPC Visqueen GX Hydrocarbon Damp Proof Course Visqueen Gas Resistant DPC Various Sizes Available, please ask your local Miers centre, Zedex CPT High performance DPC is a superior damp proof course with 2 x the tensile strength of …

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Timloc Cavity Trays

December 08, 2015

Everdry Adjustable Stepped Cavity Trays for Brickwork Everdry preformed cavity trays are a range of DPC products for installation at the abutment of a pitched roof with a cavity wall to prevent water penetration. The Everdry Adjustable Stepped Cavity Trays for Brickwork range is a cavity tray system for multi cavity options in brick wall …

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