Sitecure Sealer 25L

Concrete Curing and Sealing Compound

Sitecure Sealer is a clear acrylic polymer resin solution primarily for application to surfaces of freshly laid concrete where it has a double function, firstly to form a highly effective curing membrane that conforms to ASTM C309 and secondly to act as an in-depth sealer for the hardened concrete rendering its surface dustproof and extremely hard wearing. Its secondary function and benefits are also applicable when the material is applied to existing concrete surfaces.

Sitecure Sealer is a partially penetrative material which provides a permanent, non-degrading protective matrix to the concrete surface. The acrylic film is UV stable and once cured provides a durable elastic coating which provides protection against staining and subsequent dusting.

Cures and seals in one operation saving time and labour
Touch dry within 2-6 hours
Fully cured in 24 hours
Permanently hardened surface
Provides abrasion resistant hard wearing easy-clean surface
Ready to use, easy to spray application

Do not dilute Sitecure Sealer. Apply by fan-jet sprayer to achieve a minimum coverage of 6m2 per litre immediately after final finishing and when surface water is no longer evident.
When sealing old concrete, remove contaminants and stains such as waxes, grease and oil with strong soaps or caustics rather than acids. The surface must be clean and dry which permits easier penetration.
On very porous surfaces that will be evident by rapid absorption of the material, an additional coat will be required after the first has become touch-dry.
Pump pressure should be maintained at a level producing a fine spray.
Clean fine and nozzle thoroughly with solvent cleaner immediately after spraying.

Colour: Clear
Coverage: 6 sq.mts per litre will generally be sufficient
Packaging: 210 Litre, 25 Litre bottle
Storage: Flash point 380C. Store away from source of heat. Keep container closed after use.
Shelf Life: 1 year in sealed container when stored as recommended