Mapei Idrostop Mastic

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Product Description

Single-component adhesive for the installation of Idrostop.
Idrostop Mastic is a ready to use solvent-free single-component adhesive with a base of MS polymers. On extrusion, it is a thixotropic paste suitable for horizontal and vertical application that cures with humidity at a temperature between 10°C and 40°C to form an elastic product.
Idrostop Mastic also adheres perfectly to slightly damp surfaces provided they are perfectly clean and solid.
To apply, extrude the adhesive onto the surface on the previously cut to size Idrostop, or directly onto the concrete. Press the Idrostop onto the substrate, gently firming it in all directions to ensure complete adhesion.
Concrete can be poured after 
24 hours.
approximately 290 ml for every 
12 linear metres of Idrostop.
cartons boxes containing 
24 cartridges of 290 ml


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