Geoplast Formwork – Geotub Panel – Square/Rectangular Formers.

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Product Description

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Advantages of Geotub Panel

  • Lightweight units that are fast and simple to install. Handles lock the units into position with a 90° turn
  • Economical and cost effective. Many repeat uses with very little maintenance
  • Easy to clean. Just rinse with water
  • Easy to store. Can be completely dismantled. Does not need to be stored in a dry environment
  • Robust units are resistant to damage
  • No release agents needed. Concrete will not stick to the plastic surface
  • Outer side of panels are ribbed to allow easy plumbing and anchoring of props
  • Environmentally friendly. Many repeat uses and made from recycled materials
  • Geopanel Star is adjustable and hence reduces the amount of sizes required
  • Reduces pressure on crane time as formwork panels can be fixed and struck by hand.

Additional Info

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