Concrete Frame Contractors

Published January 05, 2016

Miers stock and supply for next day delivery all concrete accessories at competitive prices…

Heres just some of the items we can offer:

  • Geoplast formwork
  • Continuity strip
  • Fischer Cast-in Devices
  • Tying Wire & Stainless Steel wire
  • Single, Double, Triple cover spacers
  • Concrete wavy bar
  • Safety Strip
  • Rebar protection Caps
  • Continuous Plastic Chair / Dualfix
  • Plastic Mesh spacers
  • Zig Zag spacer
  • Plastic Wheels (Wagon Wheels)
  • Plastic Shims
  • Chamfer with or without flange
  • Void formers
  • Continuous Wire Chair
  • Wire Snake Spacers

Please get in touch if you need any idea on pricing direct to site.

You can make and enquiry through our website, call one of our branches or email our central email: