Visqueen High Bond DPC

Published October 26, 2016


Visqueen Zedex High Bond DPC is a high performance heavy duty DPC suitable for general cavity tray applications including parapet walls, beneath copings and cappings, in gas resistant DPC applications and complex detailing work at ground level. Visqueen Zedex High Bond DPC can be torch bonded to masonry units and all laps are homogenously sealed using the torch bonding process.

Typical Properties

Visqueen Zedex High Bond DPC is manufactured using SBS elastomeric modified bitumen with a polyester reinforcement carrier and finished with fine silica sand on both sides.

Compatibility – Visqueen Zedex High Bond DPC is compatible with all materials used within normal construction, with the exception of timber preservatives based on creosotes or tar oils, however, it is unaffected by water based or salt solution timber preservatives.

Durability – When correctly specified, detailed and installed, Visqueen Zedex High Bond DPC will last the lifetime of the wall structure in which it is incorporated provided it is not damaged by subsequent building operations.

Compressive Strength – Visqueen Zedex High Bond DPC is capable of withstanding the loading applied by brickwork, blockwork, or stonework walls up to three storeys

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