Special Continuity Strip made to order.

Published August 18, 2016

As you probably already know Miers already keep a large variety on Continuity strip in stock.

Miers Continuity Strip Leaflet – CLICK HERE

If what you need is not found of the leaflet, then we can get any size you need made to order at competitive rates!

We have a close relationship with a manufacture who can get these sent direct to site for us and we can also offer high levels of support technically if the help is required.

FERBOX is designed to maintain structural continuity across construction joints in reinforced concrete structures. The FERBOX casing houses suitably proven reinforcement, which is factory pre-bent and factory-fitted. On the construction site, the FERBOX unit is secured inside the formwork at the front face of the structural member (often a wall), in advance of the concrete pour. The FERBOX casing is designed to remain embedded in the concrete, providing a useful rebate and key for the subsequent concrete pour. The galvanised and indented profile of the embedded casing obviates the need for traditional scabbling at the joint interface. After striking the formwork, the casing lid is revealed and removed, providing access to the connection legs (starter bars) which lay inside. These legs are bent outwards (at 90 degrees) by the contractor, then ordinarily lapped with loose reinforcement of the subsequent structural member/concrete pour.

In response to market need, we have developed a manufacturing commitment towards ‘specials’, to the extent that ‘specials are our standard’. This manufacturing approach ensures that, in most instances, we are able to accommodate scheduled reinforcement anchorage requirements (without compromise) as well as the longer lap lengths inherent with EC2-based designs. Due to our specialism, specials are cost-effective and proportionately carry little or no premium. Delivery lead times are variable according to complexity and/or quantity, but are typically 4-7 working days.

We have gone to great lengths to determine suitable metallurgy parameters for the reinforcement, which is then sourced with equal care. We have also determined optimum reinforcement processing speeds and mandrel diameters to ensure safe site rebending and subsequent material performance. Following a rigorous testing and evaluation programme, both FERBOX manufacturing plants (UK and Germany) are UK-CARES approved to the assessment requirements of EC2.