Gatorback Mortar Boards

Product Description

Key benefits

  • Does not suck water from mortar
  • Extends the working life of mortar
  • Concave surface keeps re- tempering water on the board
  • Indestructable in normal use n Lightweight to carry with integral handle
  • No trowel snags
  • Reinforcement ribbing allows for large loads of material with minimum flexing
  • Improves productivity

The center of the Gatorback board is intentionally recessed 0.5" from all sides to create a pan effect that keeps retempering water and mortar on the board. The durable, water resistant surface will not absorb water from the mortar, which INCREASES the boardlife of mortar by as much as 20 minutes, yet significantly DECREASES the time laborers waste on retempering. This ensures that only good, workable mortar is used for higher jobsite production and consistent mortar properties. Excessive retempering of mortar will alter the integrity of mortar, especially coloured mortar.

The patent pending handle design allows masons and tenders to easily and safely carry multiple boards with one hand, at one time. This makes job site set up, and clean up, quick and efficient for mason tenders. Because they are so easy to transport, tenders will take care of this tool, especially since these boards make their job easier. To secure your Gatorbacks overnight, simply run a chain through out the handles and lock them to your scaffolding. Your masonry crew will love these boards!

Gatorback mortarboards are made of a special lightweight, impact resistant material to withstand the daily abuse of trowels, shovels and hammers in both summer AND winter construction at temperatures just below freezing. Heavy impact in 25 degree (or less) weather may cause fracturing. At the end of the day, either wash them off or just hit them with a hammer and any dried mortar should fall to the ground. They are built for toughness.

The patend pending rib structure enables this mortarboard to hold as much as 150 pounds of material without flexing more than 1.5 inches and not lose its original shape. Due to their rigidity, size and strength, Gatorback boards work on steel stands, scaffold plank or on top of masonry units.