About Us

Why choose Miers Construction?

Miers Construction Products is an independent supplier of construction products delivering from a number of locations across the UK.

We aim to provide our customers with a ‘single source’ connection to supplies, products and technology.

We are dedicated in our efforts to become a valuable supplier/partner by providing products and services that out perform all standards and expectations and offering unparalleled service through dedicated employees whom are committed to being the best in our industry.

Our Goals

  • To be the most important and valued supplier to our customers.
  • To build relationships with our customers and suppliers based upon trust and respect.
  • To build a reputation that will expand our business through our principles and commitment to our customers.
  • To provide new products, technologies and innovative ideas that change and improve our customers efficiencies and methods of construction.

We have depots based in St Neots, Scotland, Warrington, Birmingham and Bordon… but can deliver and offer our services nationwide.

Kestral Construction Products is partners now with Miers and they are based in Warrington offering more choice on a range of products from protective coatings, Concrete repair, Sealants and more!

Feel free to contact us so we can help with your enquiries.



What people have to say about us

Emmie Testimonial

Miers construction products is very friendly and professional company when dealing with enquiries. They go out of their way to ensure they can give the best service possible.

Steve – Supply and installation of membranes

I can always trust Miers to help with when im in desperate need for products, they go out of there way to ensure the best possible delivery for me and keep to their word.

Conor – Concrete Accessories customer based in Belfast

We would use Miers Construction for all our Concrete Accessories products. They are always extremely competitive and most importantly in this industry, they always deliver on time.

Louise Testimonial

Im Always happy with the service Miers provide us for all our brickwork sundries, they are also very knowledgeable when it comes to finding out information for me. Will always keep coming back! 

Maria – Based in Essex

Miers offer a very professional service, staff are extremely helpful and do all they can to accommodate your needs. I have never received any bad customer service and would recommend them 100%.

Anthony Testimonial

Miers strive to continually meet their customer’s requirements by providing an efficient & reliable service at all times while still being very commercially competitive.