Rivestop – The quick way to provide 100% waterproofing for tie bar holes

Please find attached our brochure and a video on Rivestop.

RiveStop is a patented elastic rivet with an internal mechanical waterproofing system designed to hermetically seal form tie holes in concrete structures.

RiveStop expands inside the formwork tie hole exerting force against the walls of the hole, thus sealing it completely.
The mechanical system is activated with a riveter with uniform and controlled pressure. Once the pin of the rivet breaks off, the RiveStop is installed. No human factor is involved.

We are the exclusive UK distributor for this product and we currently have stock in our st neots depot.

Please Watch the video, It’s probably apparent from the video how much of a time saver this product is!

You can also use an electric riveter which is quicker still.

We’ll be officially launching at the Ecobuild exhibition, for further information please contact your local Miers Depot.